Wait Times

Wait times can vary but we give you the power to avoid them!

As a concierge practice, Dr. Wright is extremely thorough in the care she gives each patient.

Here at The Wright Center, we understand that your time is valuable and we respect that, this is why we have come up with options to minimize your wait. We are happy with our growing popularity but we understand that it can make it difficult to get in and be seen and once you do have an appointment, there can be a wait even after you get here. So we have options for you to eliminate that wait!

Tired of Waiting? We have options to speed up wait time!

  • Executive Gyn Program.We have various packages where you can be seen within 7 days and you can have the doctor waiting on you for a change.
  • VIP OB Program. No wait times and all appointments are made in advance around your schedule.
  • Pay in advance! Are you interested in one of our procedures? Bio-identical hormones, O-shot or our Welcomed Member Package? By paying in advance we will try to get you in within 7 days with a doctor who is typically booked 4 months out. Please note there is $100 nonrefundable fee if you fail to cancel your appt within 24 hours. Click here to pay online.
  • See one of our Physician Assistants. There is still no guarantee of completely zero wait after getting to the office unless you do one of the above programs, however, they do tend to run much closer to being on time than Dr. Wright.

To learn more about how we can reduce your wait time and improve your overall healthcare experience, request an appointment or call (630) 687-9595.




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