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What Makes The Wright Center So Unique?

Our Mission is to provide exceptional, personalized luxury healthcare everyday all day. We will welcome you to our unique office to provide care that utilizes not only the latest in modern technology, our extensive experience and ever-expanding knowledge but also by offering alternative therapies in an open minded, compassionate and effective manner. We strive to surpass every client’s expectations they could ever possibly conceive in healthcare today!

Personalized Luxury Health Care is Something we Take to Heart and Embrace.

We live it. We believe in it. We love it.

The Wright Center for Women’s Health

Conveniently located right off I-88, our warm, elegant, and caring environment is surrounded by leading hotels and fine dining. Please allow me to escort you through a typical visit at The Wright Center.

From the moment you arrive you will realize that this will be quite a unique healthcare experience. You will notice the carefully selected décor, fresh flowers, ambient music and customized scent that immediately pleasantly impresses upon your senses as you come through the door. Our personal patient concierge will welcome you and is there specifically to make sure that your visit exceeds all expectations.

Patient Concierge

Our patient concierge are members of our staff who were chosen for their experience and skills in the field and their kind-hearted, good spirited nature. These qualities, combined with the finest customer service training offered, ensures our staff is equipped to provide complete patient satisfaction. As you are assisted with the check in process, your photo will be taken for our electronic medical records.  We utilize the most advanced electronic medical records system designed specifically for women’s health. Digichart is a secure, web-based system that allows our patients to complete office paperwork, send messages to our clinical staff, request a prescription refill, pay bills and receive confidential test results through an online medical portal in the comfort of their home.

Your time is precious, therefore we will make sure to keep you informed at all times including calls and text updates.

From here you will be escorted to our waiting room. Our waiting room is designed with your comfort in mind and includes leather sofas, sound system, dimmers and juice bar. Here you can relax while being served ice water and chilled sparkling juice in the summer or sipping tea, hot chocolate and espresso in the winter. You will also find a variety of other treats and pastries, sitting next to our cozy fireplace. The Wright Center also provides wireless internet access and complimentary childcare if desired.

A member of our nursing team will then escort you to our specially designed exam rooms to discuss the details of your visit.  Each room provides a customized fabric gown, luxurious spa-robe, linen sheet and a warmed blanket if desired.  While waiting to be seen by Dr. Wright, you can take advantage of our state-of-the-art Patient Education System, or PES.  This system consists of a flat screen TV and hand held remote that you can use to access information about various obstetrical and gynecological concerns that you may have.  Dr. Wright will be happy to discuss any of these issues during your visit. Our PES empowers you to learn more about your own health, to guide you in asking the right questions, and to help you partner with our providers to make sound health care decisions to keep your life in balance.

Patient Reviews

Read through the latest reviews from other patients about their latest visit to Wright Center for Women’s Health in Naperville, IL. Or you leave a review and tell us about your recent visit!

Our Providers

At Wright Center for Women’s Health, our mission is to provide exceptional care and personalized attention for all stages of your life.   From adolescence until beyond menopause, you will receive expert medical care through a direct partnership with your provider and our exceptional staff. Call (630) 687-9595 to schedule an appointment at one of our offices today!

Our Care Team

Dr. Wright will discuss your health concerns in depth, put together a health care plan to reach your goals, and carefully review your questions. If you are in need of an exam patients often remark that Dr. Wright gives the easiest most comfortable exams ever. She has developed a special technique using the smallest speculum and a slow gentle approach tailored to each individual patient which minimizes any discomfort. When performing procedures Dr. Wright refined a technique called vaginoscopy where she doesn’t even use a speculum as some patients consider it the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

Occasionally women need blood tests, procedures or surgical treatment.  Our office has the most advanced technical equipment that can be found in a physician’s office.

Dr. Wright is a leader in providing the treatment of heavy bleeding, and permanent birth control.  She has been performing these procedures since they were introduced and trains other physicians in doing them. Our procedures are our specialty and although the staff enjoys seeing and treating patients in all areas, the procedure days are a special day for everyone because we’re improving women’s quality of life, doing what we enjoy, and are very good at it. And with this luxury type of practice as you can imagine the schedule can get pretty full. Therefore if you are interested in one of our specialties, please let us know when you call and although we never double book patients, special provisions will be made to accommodate your schedule when most convenient for you, including evening and weekend hours.

When you are having a procedure with us our staff will go through great lengths to keep you and your family informed, comfortable and happy at all times. Before escorting you to your car when you’re comfortable, fed and ready, we will make sure you have and understand your special personalized post procedure package which includes all the post procedure instructions, medications, fun tips and suggestions on how to enjoy your new freedom and life along with other special surprises to say thank you for choosing The Wright Center for your procedure. You will receive a follow up call from Dr. Wright to check in and make sure your experience was and still is as positive as possible.

With years of experience, the providers at The Wright Center for Women’s Health demonstrate professionalism and expertise at every level. While we specialize in minimally invasive procedures, cosmetics and VIP OB, we also offer a full range of obstetrics and gynecology services. From your initial exam, through childbirth, menopause and beyond, our goal is to offer the highest quality patient centered care based on mutual trust and communication.

There’s only so much that can be put into words. The above only gives a small peek into what to expect at The Wright Center. We look forward to welcoming you to experience it for yourself at The Wright Center for Women’s Health.

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Our dedicated team of board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized healthcare services to women of all ages. With a focus on nurturing a supportive and comfortable environment, we understand that every woman’s journey is unique, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Discover how our expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and patient-centered approach make us the top choice for women’s healthcare in Naperville.

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