Executive Level Ultrasound Testing in Naperville

Do you have a Healthy Pelvis? There are many different issues that can affect women’s gynecological organs. Many times, women go to the doctor for years and never have any evaluation of their pelvis other than a bimanual and speculum exam. These methods can miss many of the ailments that can affect a woman’s most vital organs.

Women can have fibroids, ovarian cysts, abscesses, polycystic ovary syndrome, uterine anomalies, misplaced IUDs that cause pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, annoying bleeding, urinary symptoms, pregnancy abnormalities, infertility and possibly cancer. Without the proper testing, many of these symptoms go undiagnosed and untreated.

What is Executive Level Ultrasound Testing?

A routine screening pelvic ultrasound is a safe, diagnostic exam that requires little to no preparation. You come into the office with a comfortably full bladder and it is a two-part exam that takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes. You get undressed from the waist down and an external transducer is placed on your lower abdomen, then a smaller probe with a protective cover is inserted into the vagina. There is no radiation involved in an ultrasound and most patients find the exam to be completely painless. A pelvic ultrasound is the best form of imaging available for female gynecological organs.

Why Should You Have Routine Ultrasound Testing?

Using pelvic ultrasound as a screening tool can not only detect many missed conditions that can potentially have adverse effects on a woman, but can also establish a baseline for anything that may come up in the future. Let’s say one day you do start having pain, heavy bleeding or difficulty getting pregnant and there is something seen on an ultrasound. Is this new? Or has it been there for the past 10 years and you just didn’t know due to inadequate testing?

What is Possible with Ultrasound Testing?

By having a pelvic ultrasound, you can learn if there are any problems or abnormalities that are affecting your pelvic organs and currently causing you issues or may cause problems in the future. Ultrasound testing can also be used to give you the reassurance that your gynecological organs are healthy and normal. Here at The Wright Center, we know how important it is for every woman to know about their body and pelvic health. We recommend that you have a pelvic ultrasound yearly, but you can request to have one at any time. Having this vital information can mean the difference between living with a condition that would have otherwise been prevented or treated. Ultimately, ultrasound testing offers you and your provider knowledge so that you can be your healthiest self.

At the Wright Center for Women’s Health, we go a step further by offering a full body composition scan through our state-of-the-art InBody machine. This innovative technology provides detailed insights into your body composition. The doctor will perform both visual and manual inspections to detect any masses or growths that may be indicative of PCOS.

In addition to these examinations, an ultrasound will be employed to provide a visual of the ovaries. This technique allows for the diagnosis of cysts that may not be apparent during a pelvic exam, contributing to a more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan for PCOS.

Why Should You Visit The Wright Center for Ultrasound Testing?

Here at The Wright Center we have a very robust and advanced Sonography department beyond what you would typically see in the traditional OBGyn department. We have a total of 6 sonographers with a diverse background. We have monthly training geared directly towards ultrasound education and reviewing complex ultrasound cases as a team. We are all Nuchal translucency certified and RDMS certified. We have a 3D and 4D ultrasound and we also use Trice so that you can get images of your baby sent right to your phone.

Many of the procedures done in-office are done under ultrasound guidance to help ensure safety.

Ultrasound guidance is also utilized during many routine in-office procedures such as IUD placements and biopsies to ensure the procedure is done correctly and safely the first time so that you will not need repeated procedures. We use ultrasound guidance to prevent uterine perforations and displacement of the IUD that otherwise would never be known until you become pregnant. The Wright Center offers the highest quality of care for women’s sexual and gynecologic health.




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