Make Your Contribution Count

The Wright Center for Women’s Health is hiring, and we want superstars!

We first opened our doors in 2012 with Dr. Wright, her nurse and her personal assistant. We’ve grown so much over the years and now have 10 times the staff, maturity, offerings, streamlining, efficiency, diversity of services, holistic care and creating the ultimate guest experience. We’re now ready to grow our team even more.

Are you an A-Team player who wants to play with other A-Team players? Do you want to be part of a growing organization where you can make a big impact? Do you want to be a partner in something larger, something where the growth potential is exponential? If so, read on to discover if you would be a perfect fit at The Wright Center.


At The Wright Center for Women’s Health, everything we do is about getting it right. We know we need to stay up on the latest offerings, and therefore our partners (employees) spend 30% of their work time dedicated to training and personal development programs to ensure everyone is growing in the same direction.

By offering a complete health assessment, executive-level testing and comprehensive thorough evaluation and exams, we give an unmatched healthcare experience. The goal is to carry this out through every aspect of our guests’ experience as well as for our partners.

Staff Experience and Improvements at The Wright Center for Women’s Health

The Wright Center for Women’s Health recently conducted an internal survey to understand the experiences of its staff. The focus was on celebrating strengths and identifying areas for improvement in the organizational culture. To view the findings of the survey, you can read the following blog post. We are always hiring at The Wright Center for Women’s Health and we encourage you to contact our office for our corporate recruiters contact information.

Our Core Values

Growth: Running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) has helped us to foster a culture of growth. “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” Person. Department. Company. Do what it takes. We set aggressive goals and we work as long and as hard as necessary to achieve them. We are constantly changing. With TWC, growth is expected. Are you comfortable with change?
Compassion: We start with empathy and service. We are a hospitality and service oriented business. Make guests and colleagues feel at home and welcomed; anticipate their needs. At The Wright Center, we hold the belief that generosity begets abundance, prompting us to consistently show appreciation for the compassion we extend to one another.
Extreme Attention to Detail: The goal at The Wright Center is to deliver a 5-star hotel experience. We want our guests to move throughout their experience, and perhaps not even realize all the small things that have occurred that led to a different kind of experience. See something, do something. Continually recognize areas of improvement or opportunities to reduce errors.
Exceed Expectations: Going above and beyond. Go the extra mile. Leave no stone unturned.
Entrepreneurial: Internal drive to make things better. Take ownership. Create value. Create value. Bigger, better, faster, stronger, easier, more efficient


We want to empower our partners to live life well. The Wright Center succeeds when our partners do, and we believe success is best when shared. Benefits and programs for eligible part- and full-time partners are tailored to your needs. Your total Rewards package includes base pay and bonus, benefits, retirement savings, and multiple perks. For more about The Wright Center’s Benefits click here.

This is a growing company where everyone gets to do a bit of everything. We are ready to hire Superstars. To learn more about my Superstar and Unique ability team Vision, click here. We want Humble, Hungry and Smart, if that is you, please click here

We want Humble, Hungry and Smart, if that is you, please click here!

Open Positions

C-Suite Level Executive

Join The Wright Center for Women’s Health as our C-Suite Level Executive, a pivotal role working closely with the CEO and Leadership Team to shape the future of our growing Women’s Health practice specializing in Personalized Luxury Healthcare. As a strategic thinker and problem-solver, you will guide our dynamic team toward continual improvement and growth, ensuring accountability and removing barriers to achieve goals. This role involves direct collaboration with Dr. Wright to manage the overall business plan and execute our vision. With a minimum of 5 years in C-Suite leadership within a Health Care Organization, an MBA, and clinical experience, you’ll play a crucial part in our mission. We offer a unique onboarding approach, allowing you to understand every facet of our organization before settling into the C-Suite. If you’re a seasoned C-Suite Executive, ready to make a significant impact, email our Corporate Recruiter,, and let’s explore this exciting opportunity together.

Clinical Manager

The Wright Center for Women’s Health in Naperville, IL, is a growing, low volume, high quality healthcare concierge practice. Our practice is looking to hire an experienced Clinical Manager to help lead and provide exceptional care to our guests. The Wright Center’s Core Values make up a culture that includes Growth, Hospitality, Extreme Attention to Detail, Llama Unicorn (Going above and beyond), and Entrepreneurship. If these core values resonate with you and you have an internal drive to do well with whatever role you’re doing please apply!

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Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

Medical Assistant needed to join a growing, busy OBGYN private, luxury, state of the art concierge practice with a solid reputation and a friendly staff. We are looking for a CMA who is open-minded, ready to learn and grow as the practice grows. This is a small practice and as of now, it is not unusual for this person to fill multiple seats. This person needs to have the clinical knowledge to triage over the phone, schedule guests, work recpeiton, help room guests, clean rooms, manage guest flow, and even draw blood/process specimens. Although there will be onsite training, experience in scheduling, customer service, organizational skills, and clinical knowledge is vital.

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Double Board-Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Cosmetic Surgeon

The Wright Center for Women’s Health is an evolving growing practice constantly open to new possibilities and opportunities. Therefore this position is open to a wide range of Physicians with a variety of skills and backgrounds with the ultimate goal and optimal desired placement of a double board certified OBGyn/Cosmetic surgeon physician. Due to the entrepreneurial organically growing nature of the role, we are willing to entertain all MDs, interested in helping to grow and cultivate this unique concierge alternative medicine practice with an emphasis on personalized luxury healthcare. Ultimately creating their own ideal role enhancing their value and ultimately empowering you to be in your own Unique Ability. Education of being a US trained medical physician is paramount. However, although experience is appreciated, due to the very unique growth minded progressive nature of the practice moldable and shapeable minds are a must.

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