Rewarding our partners

We want to empower our partners (employees) to live life well. The Wright Center succeeds when our partners do, and we believe that success is best when shared. Benefits and programs for eligible part- and full-time partners are tailored to your needs. Your total rewards package includes base pay and bonus, benefits, retirement savings, and perks.

Health Coverage The Wright Center offers partners the choice of multiple coverage levels through Redirect Health. This is a health care plan that offers Everyday Care, routine care with no copays, no out of pocket costs, 24/7 virtual visits, office visits,

ER/Urgent Care, and Prescription Refills All health care services gotten at The Wright Center are offered at a very generous to zero rate.

Paid Time Off After 3 months of employment, all partners are eligible for 4 weeks of paid vacation days, family sick time, and personal days. The Wright Center observes 10 holidays which all partners have the option of taking as paid time off. Most offices only observe 4 holidays.

401K After a year of employment, all full-time employees are entitled to our competitive 401k Safe Harbor Plan which includes a generous company match.


Complimentary Services We offer complimentary Healthcare of The Wright Center services, including our premium healthcare offerings, executive-level testing, cash-pay services and comprehensive healthcare packages. This includes up to $10,000 in cash pay services per year.

Work Remotely Hiring on our core values allows our partners to have schedules that are best suited for them. Remote Work Schedules, meetings and assignments are offered to best fit the needs of our partners and guests.

Flexible Scheduling We want to be available to our guests 24/7 and because we are open 6 days a week with 3 late days, schedules are made flexible so that our partners are able to give their best times with hours of how and when they do their best work. Some people like to do 4 long days, other would rather do 5 short days. Some people like weekends. Currently, we are short on those who love to work Saturdays. If you are interested in working Saturdays. Please Apply! You’re golden and we will find a position to put you into your unique ability. We want you here!

In-Office Discounts 50% discount on all supplements and nutraceuticals and any other merchandise sold at The Wright Center.

Recognition Programs The Wright Center recognizes Partner contributions at all levels of achievement through formal and informal programs.

Partner Networks We help to connect our partners to growth opportunities and ways to serve communities through charitable contributions.

Free Lunch Lunch is bought for the office on multiple occasions at least 6 times per month for busy days, birthdays, and rep lunches. When it is nice outside we schedule the lunches outdoors at one of the many fine-dining restaurants in Freedom Commons.

Running on EOS This is the Entrepreneurial Operating System. This is a comprehensive business system, integrating a holistic business model with a complete set of simple business tools and proven business process to align and synchronize all the pieces of our business to produce the results that we want. It allows our partners to grow individually and professionally and be successful and reach their maximal potential in their seats and roles.

Light Schedule/Productivity Workload As a general rule, we schedule fewer guests and give them more time, allowing us to provide the very best care. We also place several staff members with each guest allowing us to lighten the overall workload on our partners.

Education We place a strong emphasis on continuing education which is facilitated with multiple monthly in-office sessions, allocation of CME dollars according to use and desire. CME is encouraged. At least 30% of work time is dedicated to learning, training and growth-oriented activities. Reimbursements for certifications and licenses for those who have the dollars allotted to them and are showing growth and active contributions towards the goals. NT certifications, licenses APN, RN, renewal applications, CME for continuing education modules, DEA Licenses, educational magazines and Up to Date. Again, all of these are based on the allotted amount of CME allocated to you and your contribution to the practice.

Growth Potential Since the practice started in August 2012 we have grown steadily each year had anywhere from a 10% to 34% growth in revenue each and every year and with the growth comes the potential for individual growth, both personally, financially and in your position.

Communication We schedule weekly staff trainings, work sessions, ultrasound education, monthly staff meetings, operations check ins, work sessions, BWAs and weekly level 10 meetings for each department, All of these opportunities keep the communication flowing, making it a better place to work, and giving each partner a chance to communicate any issues they have and opportunities for the practice to work on them. We evaluate and learn how each team member communicates and share it with the rest of the team so that we know how you best communicate.

Personal Development Weekly, Monthly and yearly sharing of both personal and work-related goals so that everyone can help each other to achieve those goals as a team. Dr. Wright and our team are invested in your growth both personally and professionally. Growth is a huge value that is very important to us and our practice and we want this for everyone!

Unique Ability Aspiration Our ultimate goal is to have a Unique Ability Team. We want our partners to do what they love and love what they do. We believe that this is the best not only for our partners but will also provide the best guest experience.




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