My Audacious Plan to Grow The Wright Center for Women’s Health

My Dearest Reader,

Dr. Kimberly WrightI am embarking upon an exceedingly difficult task. The world thinks I am insane. But I see what I want out there and I know I can get it. Sure, there are obstacles in my way, but I know I can make this happen. My 10-year target is to be recognized as America’s Preferred Women’s Center for Executive Level Testing and Quality Care. Notice, it is not about money, it is just about getting it right.

I have talked to team members, advisors, friends, business coaches, mentors, and strangers. I have been told repeatedly this is not right. You cannot do this; it will never work. I feel like I am alone, and no one can understand. Everyone thinks I am crazy.

The truth of the matter is what I am doing does defy all logic. Not 100% sure it is the right thing to do myself, but my gut is telling me it is right. My gut is saying this is the way to go. And why should I not hire for what I want as opposed to hiring for what I currently have?

My experience too, albeit minimal due to cost constraints, has also played a role in me seeing that this undertaking is the right path.  I hired our Chief Operations Officer, Chas. Everyone always said that a small doctor’s office, a tiny practice like mine has an office manager and at times not even that.

And truly when I did have an office manager, I had someone who was my babysitter, turned personal assistant and then became my office manager and that took me so far. But then I knew I needed something someone with more experience, so being that shoot for the moon person that I am,  I went for a COO.

Even the recruiters who I used to hire Chas said my company was too small for a COO, but now I have him and he has made a huge difference! Surely that counts for something toward this Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of “hiring up”. If it worked for one position, why not try it for 10 more? Would I not get 10 times the result or even better?

Oh sorry, I guess I have not told you what my BHAG is yet. I want to hire a team of Superstars! Here is the problem, this team of superstars, it would be like hiring Einstein to dig holes. Einstein is not trying to dig any holes. However, I believe in my heart that there is an Einstein out there, that would be fine with digging holes and dig them better, easier, faster, simpler, than the best hole digger in the world.

I believe that it would be easier to find a superb premium hole digger among hole digging Einsteins than it would be to find the same among hole diggers. Not to mention the fact that being a small company, it is more likely there are other things that Einstein can help with in addition to digging the holes.

Perhaps he can dig in on writing the policies and procedures behind digging those holes. There is less of a chance that the hole digger has a multitude of other capabilities in which he can contribute in other ways. Why would one not hire Einstein to dig the holes if there are other ways that he is more likely to contribute to the growth of the organization?

Some may say this is a waste of money, or in my case financial suicide. My naysayers say why hire Einstein when the hole digger would be a lot more affordable? Because it is not about the money. It is about getting it right. Worst case scenario, Einstein gets bored of digging the holes, but in the meantime, he has written the best standard operating procedures and intellectual progression so that the next person who comes along, any hole digger can get this right. He makes it foolproof. Therefore, I am willing to pay for the best. One day hiring the hole digger may make sense, but right now, I am looking for Einstein.

Okay, you are probably thinking how all of this talk about hole diggers and Einstein relates to a medical practice. Allow me to put the rest of this into a simpler question and answer form regarding our practice and personalized luxury healthcare.

What type of positions are we trying to fill?

We are looking for roles that you would typically see in a small medical practice, but we are looking for credentials that would have expertise and credentials that typically would be at a higher pay scale than someone typically filling such role. For example:

  • CFO for Biller and Coder
  • Chief Experience Officer for Greeter
  • Lab Manager for Phlebotomist
  • Nursing Supervisor for Clinical Lead
  • Operations Manager for Receptionist/Scheduler
  • Physician for Provider Lead
  • Registered Nurse for Medical Assistant

Why not hire for the exact role that you are looking for?

At The Wright Center all roles must be carried out in a much more advanced way than the traditional roles of that particular seat. This is a must to meet our core values and aspirations of Personalized Luxury Healthcare. I guess this is answering a question with a question but why would we not hire for where and who we want to be in 10 years as opposed to where we currently are now?

Why would anyone choose to work in a place where they are required to work in a seat that is typically below them on the accountability chart?

  • You want the opportunity to get it right.
  • You love the idea of helping to grow a company and perfecting the processes and procedures of that seat so that one day it will be that much easier for you to lead, manage and hold accountable the next person in that seat.
  • It is a part of your job and you have a great work ethic.
  • You really enjoy that particular seat and it may be a part of your Unique Ability.
  • It can potentially be less stressful than the seats you have held in the past.
  • You find it rewarding.
  • You want to be a part of something that is growing and where your contribution makes a big impact.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more of The Wright Center’s growth, filling you in on how this “Hiring Up” plan evolves and if following my gut was truly the right way to go.

Appreciatively yours,

Dr. Wright




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