Exceptional Staff Member Of The Month


Dr. Wright is big on wanting us to share our value with the world. When one genuinely shares their value, not only are those on the receiving end rewarded but the one giving and sharing what they do best in turn gets a great sense of fulfillment, pride and gratification in their ability to share that value. Today we share with you the values that our Exceptional staff member of the month bestows to all those fortunate enough to know her. Our Phlebotomist Ms. Amanda Pool. Please see here all the things that our office said about her as her value to the world!

  • She does a great job drawing blood. She is very sweet & willing to help others. She makes other people smile and makes them feel good just by her presence.
  • She is a great listener, always positive, and an amazing friend.
  • She is smart and does her job well. She is caring and has a good sense of humor.
  • She tries her best to help out in all office procedures. She is the best Phlebotomist. She is hard working & always trying to achieve more in life.
  • She makes people feel comfortable immediately. Her funny stories keep people smiling. She is a great phlebotomist.
  • She is a good mom, has a great sense of humor, and has an easy laid back personality.
  • She is caring and precise.

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