Sexy Summer is back!


Sexy Summer

Summer is back! We value our Midwest summers because we know they only last a few months, and we want to make the most of them! Summer is when most of us are concerned about looking our best, since this is the time for sleeveless tops, shorts, sandals and bathing suits. Now is a great time to commit to a plan for getting to our desired weight and fitness level, so we can truly enjoy the fashions and events of summer! And the best part is, we will also be improving our health, energy and even our outlook on life!

So many factors affect women’s weight during the different stages of our lives, and we need to be aware of them, take action to minimize them, and then enjoy each stage of life to the fullest. At The Wright Center for Women’s Health, we will help you plan a strategy for navigating your way through changes in hormones, pregnancies, age-related issues, and changes in lifestyle that could affect your weight.

Here are a few common issues women face that can cause weight gain:


Post-menopausal women often experience weight gain, including increased weight in their mid-sections. It’s more difficult to lose weight after menopause, which just makes the problem more annoying. Along with the weight gain, many women experience decreased muscle strength, joint pain, and decreased sexual drive.

Bio-Identical hormone balancing can help with these symptoms. Many forms of the bio-identical hormones exist, and you should discuss which one is right for you with your doctor.


Those baby pounds just don’t want to come off! Post-pregnancy weight can be a lingering problem. The best approach is to start a sensible, balanced diet, and reasonable exercise program to help your body return to normal. Dr. Wright can offer advice on which plans will work for you.

Change in lifestyle

Sometimes life brings on changes that can cause weight gain. Taking a job where you are mostly sedentary may cause you to add a few pounds simply because you aren’t getting the exercise you once were. Stress over a job, family issues, and other demanding events may cause you to “stress eat”, decrease your exercise, or eat foods that are not healthy. Dr. Wright can work with you to identify the lifestyle changes you’re experiencing that are causing the problem, and suggest sensible ways for you to get back into healthy habits.

Taking control over weight issues will reap other benefits such as lowering our risk for heart disease and stroke, and will increase our energy level, stamina and outlook. We all need a little encouragement now and again. We can help you get on the road to enjoying that sexy summer you deserve! Call The Wright Center for Women’s Health to get started at 630.687.9595.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Wondering about weight loss after pregnancy? Your beautiful bundle of joy has arrived! Enjoy this precious time, and don’t let the need to “get your body back” bring you down. Post-pregnancy weight really is difficult to lose, but if you make diet and exercise a part of your life, you’ll see success!  Read more at




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