Exceptional Staff Member of the Month!

The staff took a vote and nominated Dorothy as our Exceptional Staff Member of the month! Here is what the staff had to say about Dorothy:

  • Dorothy is always willing to give a helping hand whenever needed. She goes above and beyond what others ask of her. She makes sure that her work is done thoroughly and in excellence. She is a joy to work with and always makes me laugh.
  • Always helps where needed and always so friendly with everyone.
  • Dorothy always goes the extra mile and is always willing to help anyone that may need it!
  • She works very hard to make our patients happy. There was a very nice review about her on yelp:

I’ve had some terrible gynecology experiences in the past, so maybe my review will be a tad biased. But I have been thrilled with the service given to me from the women that work here. First off, the doctors really go all out to make you as comfortable as possible. Aside from the material perks like the silky robes and fuzzy cushions over the foot holder they also try to be the kind of people you’re comfortable sharing your most intimate details with. They’re funny and friendly, but also compassionate when it comes to the harder details of their job. I really feel like my concerns and needs are made a first priority here, which isn’t what I got in the past. And Dorothy, head of the billing department, has been a godsend. My insurance has been giving me problems with actually paying my medical bills, and Dorothy has been on my side letting me know when I need to give them a call whereas other places would just give me a bill and tell me to pay up. I love everything about this place, and I’d recommend anyone in the area to go here.




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