Leaky Bladder?

Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?

1.       Do you ever leak urine when you cough, laugh or sneeze?

2.       Do you ever feel as though you have to urinate urgently?

3.       Do you feel like you have to urinate too frequently?

4.       Do you ever experience painful urination?

1 out of 3 women over the age of 40 have urinary symptoms. These affected women wear panty-liners and pads daily in case they may have an “accident”. Some will carry an extra change of clothes with them or walk around worried if anyone is noticing that they smell like pee. When they go out, they make sure they know where the bathroom stops are along the way or only go to the stores where the bathrooms are easily accessible.

These women often go undertreated or worse, not treated at all. A lot of times their doctors don’t even address the fact that they have a leaky bladder because maybe the woman is embarrassed to mention it or the doctor may say, “yes, that’s just a part of getting older. It’s common.” Leaving the woman to just have to deal and suffer and she actually starts to justify it in her own head as “normal”. Women are told to do Kegels, or not drink as much water. This may help a little bit but most of the time, it doesn’t completely resolve the problem.

Here at The Wright Center this is not a quick in and out visit where you get your pap smear and we see you next year. We don’t blow off common symptoms as something that just happens as one gets older so just deal with it. We want to address all of your medical needs. So before seeing you we have you fill out a questionnaire in the privacy of your own home, review all of the symptoms and prepare you in advance with the treatments that are available to you. There are many excellent non-invasive, simple yet effective cures for urinary incontinence and we want to make sure we’re appropriately making your life better by picking the right one for you. This is why The Wright Center has teamed up with Dr. Furlong. A Urogynecologist which is a double board certified physician who specifically deals with urinary issues. This is not care you will find in a typical OBGyn office guys.

By paying attention to your specific issues, providing the most specialized experienced care for your bladder and making all incontinence treatment options available, it is very possible for us to rid you of those annoying bladder issues you have lived with and told yourself it was okay to have. Once those symptoms have resolved, it’s like finally getting those new pair of glasses that you’ve needed but thought you were fine without. The world seems so crystal clear. No longer dealing with those urinary incontinence symptoms, you finally realize how life is truly supposed to be.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, give us a call at 630-687-9595 or Request an Appointment here. We will get you scheduled for Urodynamics testing to evaluate your symptoms, an appointment with our Urogynecologist and we look forward to being able to give you your life back.

Yours Truly,

Kimberly E. Wright MD




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