Staff Member of the Month!

Our Exceptional Staff Member of the month is Kathy! We asked the staff, “What is Kathy’s unique ability?” Here is what the staff said:

· Kathy holds down the fort. She answers questions that need answering, she makes sure the rooms are stocked with supplies, she knows where everything is, she makes sure she confirms orders and diagnosis codes, she orders the sharps containers and the big biohazard container.

· Kathy’s unique ability is she knows what the patient needs when they call and you can ask her and she always knows how to direct you to help the patient.

·She is highly efficient and she is always on the go.

· Kathy is the “go to” person if I need help with anything. She is always ready to help and great at her job. “Professionalism at its best.”

· Kathy is great at keeping up on procedures. From setting up to flipping rooms, she is amazing and makes sure Dr. Wright is always prepared.

· Kathy always has an answer to my questions and if she doesn’t, then she is willing to help me find it. She is always productive!

· Kathy’s unique ability is assisting in procedures with Dr. Wright.

· Kathy is great with our guests. She is so sweet, answers all questions, makes them feel comfortable and just goes above and beyond. We are so lucky to have on our team.

· Kathy’s nursing skills are efficient and effective!!