The O-Shot WOW!

Last week our ultrasonographer told us about how she’s sleeping better, read on to see what our Medical Assistant has to say..

All I can say is WOW! My experience with the O-Shot exceeded my expectations! My main reason for getting the O-shot was for urinary incontinence. After having my daughter (4 years ago), I would leak every time I would sneeze or cough. I wasn’t initially getting the O-Shot for the “O” purpose (I never really had an issue with that), but I must say, after having the procedure done I am thrilled with my results! Now at first, I was terrified because I do not like getting shots or having my blood drawn, but after getting through the initial anxiety about the procedure, it went by really quick and painless. Kathy the nurse was nice enough to hold my hand through the entire procedure! I will definitely get the O-Shot again and I recommend that everyone try it at least once! You never know what you will get from it, like I said, I didn’t think I needed it for the “O” purpose, but I was definitely pleased with my results.

Kind Regards,

Medical Assistant at The Wright Center for Women’s Health

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