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Happy New Year Wright Center Family! To start off the New Year, we thought we would share with you this fun video.

Dr. Wright has been doing the O-shot for over a year and she recently returns from Alabama where she learned even more from the inventor of the O-shot himself Dr. Charles Runels.

We do offer this amazing procedure here at our office. Click here to learn more , or call 630-687-9595.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Life events such as childbirth and the normal aging process bring changes to our bodies that are sometimes difficult to discuss. If you, like most women, have questions about changes to your vagina after childbirth or simply from the natural effects of aging, the staff of The Wright Center for Women’s Health are ready and able to listen and offer sensible, effective solutions to your issues.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, a procedure called vaginoplasty may be the solution:

  • Reduced sexual sensation
  • Looking to improve the appearance of external genitalia and restore self-esteem
  • Suffering from stress incontinence of urine (involuntary loss of urine with coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising or sex)
  • Difficulty wearing tampons
  • Reduced comfort during exercise

About the Procedure

Vaginopolasty corrects damage that occurs to the supportive tissues in the walls of the vagina and muscles as a result of vaginal childbirth or aging. This damage can result in a relaxed vaginal canal and or a gaping vaginal opening. Vaginoplasty tightens the inside of the vaginal canal and the opening of the vagina to increase friction and improve sexual sensation.

Vaginoplasty is performed by a urogynecologist or vaginal reconstructive surgeon under general anesthesia and in a hospital setting where you will stay for a maximum of two days. It is a standard gynecologic surgical procedure that takes about 60 – 90 minutes with you spending about an hour in the recovery room.


Recovery will take at least 2 weeks, during which you will be instructed to refrain from sexual intercourse until you heal completely. After a week you will have your sutures removed and receive instructions on specific exercises to strengthen and tighten your pelvic muscles.


The results from Vaginoplasty can be very rewarding – both for your self- esteem and where improved sexual function is a goal.

Since Vaginoplasty tightens and restores the vaginal muscles, it re-establishes friction that increases sexual gratification for both women and men. There is a 98% success rate. In about 2% of the cases a minor revision may be necessary to achieve appropriate results.

The Wright Center for Women’s Health is happy to discuss this procedure with you and answer any questions you have. Call us at (630) 687-9595 to schedule an appointment.

Meet Addyi

On Jan 14, 2016, the FDA published an explanation of why it turned down the drug twice then approved it on the 3rd round (even though some important issues still loom…like an increase in breast cancer when tested on mice).

Here’s a video about the FDA’s story as told by the FDA (click to view).  You can also read the actual New England Journal Statement there as well.

Alternatives to Addyi include proper hormone replacement, marriage and sexual counseling, and the O-Shot® procedure (which uses the same technology used in the Vampire Facelift® procedure).

Since Addyi will be in the news quite a bit over the next few months (the company spent 1.5 billion bringing the drug to market, so you will see some ads).  Thought you’d want to see the science for yourself.

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Ask Us About The O-Shot!

Ask us  about the O-shot, a revolutionary approach to improve sexual relations and to stop urinary incontinence. The results of this 20 minute procedure are dramatic and long lasting. Women report significant improvement in stimulation, sensitivity, arousal and sex drive. Urinary incontinence (both stress and urge) sometimes stops the day of treatment. Better sex leads to better relations and stronger families. Call for more information about the O-shot today.

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