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Labor Day O-shot Offer!

The summer will soon be over. Make the most of these last summertime days and take advantage of our Labor Day O-shot offer: Get The O-shot in the month of September and if you’re not 100% satisfied get a booster O-shot on us!


Here’s an O-shot article from the New York Times


Not everyone gets the results they expected but here at The Wright Center at least 90% of our clients show some form of improvement with the O-shot procedure.


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The O-shot is Absolutely Amazing!

Last week our Ultrasonographer told us about her O-shot experience, read on to see what our Practice Manager has to say..

I received the O-shot procedure in April. I have to say I was a bit nervous to get the shots; being uncomfortable and it hurting. I was surprised at how comfortable everyone made me feel. It did not hurt one bit. For me I was interested because I had no sexual desire, rarely was able to orgasm and I had urinary incontinence. I could not jump up and down or run around with the kids without leaking. My results…  AMAZING! I don’t leak anymore and can actually jump on the trampoline with my girls. My sexual desire and orgasms are very intense. I experienced no side effects. I absolutely LOVE it. I recommend everyone who is a candidate to have this procedure.

Yours Truly,

Practice Manager at The Wright Center for Women’s Health


To learn more about the O-shot please click here or call 630-687-9595 or Request an appointment.

Highly Recommended!

Last week our Medical Assistant told us about her WOW experience , read on to see what one of our ultrasonographers has to say..

I received the O-Shot about 8 weeks ago.  I was so relieved that it did not hurt at all!  I did not know that she injected the shots until it was over.  Super easy and quick procedure!  I am happy to say that I just started experiencing the effects of the O-Shot and am satisfied with the results.  I have suggested the O-Shot to my friends and family and will continue to get it in the future.

Warm Regards,

The Wright Center for Women’s Health Ultrasonographer


To learn more about the O-shot please click here or call 630-687-9595 or Request an appointment

The O-Shot WOW!

Last week our ultrasonographer told us about how she’s sleeping better, read on to see what our Medical Assistant has to say..

All I can say is WOW! My experience with the O-Shot exceeded my expectations! My main reason for getting the O-shot was for urinary incontinence. After having my daughter (4 years ago), I would leak every time I would sneeze or cough. I wasn’t initially getting the O-Shot for the “O” purpose (I never really had an issue with that), but I must say, after having the procedure done I am thrilled with my results! Now at first, I was terrified because I do not like getting shots or having my blood drawn, but after getting through the initial anxiety about the procedure, it went by really quick and painless. Kathy the nurse was nice enough to hold my hand through the entire procedure! I will definitely get the O-Shot again and I recommend that everyone try it at least once! You never know what you will get from it, like I said, I didn’t think I needed it for the “O” purpose, but I was definitely pleased with my results.

Kind Regards,

Medical Assistant at The Wright Center for Women’s Health

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A Better Night’s Sleep with the O-shot

Last week we read about Dr. Wright’s experience with the O-shot, let’s see what one of our ultrasonographers had to say…

I actually got the O- shot twice.  When I had it the first time, my first thought was that I am sleeping so much better! I used to have urgency and would get up every night sometimes multiple times having to urinate. I was so happy with the first shot that I even got another one!


Ultrasonographer at The Wright Center for Women’s Health

To learn more about the O-shot please click here or call 630-687-9595 or Request an appointment.

Dr. Wright’s Personal Experience with The O-Shot

Good Morning!

Okay, so I know this may seem to be a tad bit TMI, but how can one learn about these things that can help them when it’s on subjects that most never discuss in day to day conversation. Honestly for me it’s second nature, and it only becomes apparent when we’re with couples where one of the two are in similar professions having typical OBGyn discussion which may include vaginal deliveries, hemorrhaging, intestinal contents, surgical incisions, etc.  and my husband nudges me and says, “Uhm, Dearheart, I don’t know if discussing blood and guts is appropriate dinner conversation.”

But I digress. Urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction are very prevalent and many patients won’t even bring it up to their doctors let alone in general conversation.

Well, we’re here to break that taboo mold because it’s an important subject and by sharing our experiences we want to bring information to you about the options available. 5 of our team members have received the O-shot and over the next 5 week we will share with you how the O-shot worked for us. I’ll go first.

My Personal experience with the O-shot

So, I have been performing the O-shot since November of 2015 on clients with consistently improved results, but the clients’ perceptions varied. We do have the clients to fill out bladder habit and sexual function questionnaires before the O-shot and then 6 weeks later and we would compare the questionnaires and truly ALL of the clients would show some improvement every time with the comparison in some form or fashion. With the urinary incontinence, 100% improvement across the board on the forms and with patient satisfaction. With urinating, things are pretty black and white. Either you have leakage or you don’t. But with sexual dysfunction there are a few clients that although their forms showed some form of improvement, they didn’t seem totally satisfied. In some cases, I realized that perhaps they didn’t particularly like their husband or maybe they needed their hormones balanced for that extra boost they were looking for but I needed to have it done myself to get a better understanding of what the clients were truly experiencing.

So in December of 2016 I traveled to Fairhope, Alabama where the inventor of the O-shot Charles Runels was holding his monthly provider training courses on the Vampire procedures of which the O-shot was one of them. There were many physicians there and that’s how we learned and perfected our skills by performing the procedures on each other. So there was a different provider, who performed each different step of my procedure. Again, I know it sounds odd, but as a woman with twins and an OBGyn, you become somewhat numb to the usually accepted modesty and truly it was a very clinical like situation. It was not painful. Although I must say, I am SO much better being the doctor than the patient. I tend to feel the need to tell everyone how everything should be done. If only I could do all of my own procedures on myself!

The Results

Here’s what I found. For the first week, I was still in Fairhope, and didn’t notice much difference. I never had any urinary issues, I didn’t think I had sexual dysfunction. My libido or desire for sex has never been through the roof, but I always thought “Who has the time for all of that?” When I got home and did find the time to be intimate with my husband I will say the orgasms were pretty powerful and they have continued to consistently be so. But the libido? That desire to have sex? I was still kinda like, meh. I was somewhat perplexed. I have patients who say they can’t stop thinking about it. They want to have sex constantly and all the time. Sometimes to the point that it can be a problem, like when they don’t have access to their husband due to travel or maybe not even having a partner. They would constantly be turned on so much so that simply driving over speed bumps would produce orgasms. But over and over again, I would hear that the libido is “off the carts.” And I’m like, “Really?!?”

And on a rare occasion I would get a tad bit of the libido, not very often, but then it hit me. It was like a light bulb went off. It was my birthday and I had taken a full 4 days away from the office including my birthday and actually, whenever I take time away from seeing clients, including weekends, it’s generally to catch up on work or something to do with the business. And my birthday was no different. I spent the entire day working on a work project I had been meaning to work on for a long time and in my head, that was good. I was getting this difficult project out of the way. The next couple of days, I continued to work and when I get a lot done, then if I’m forced to do something “fun” I can actually be in the moment. And I was scheduled that night to go to dinner with a group of doctor colleagues. Originally dreading it because it takes me away from what I feel is important, working, my business, giving the best care possible to our clients, but I went and I enjoyed it. There was great conversation, I had an alcoholic beverage, and it was just real chill.  And low and behold… there it was… right after dinner… that increased libido thing all the patients were raving about! When I would relax, the libido would increase. Quite noticeably so. I got it! So much so, that I was like, let me try this relaxation thing for a whole day… Hey, Hey! More libido! I’m relaxing, sexual relations with my husband, I’m nicer to my children and just a beautiful sense of peace and overall well-being. I’ll admit the next few days I was knocked back into my previous reality as I was on ER call and summoned to Edward hospital to do a few emergency surgeries, but now I get it. I look back over the last 6 months and those times of increased libido correlated with the very rare occasion that I would allow myself to relax.

So what did I get and learn from the O-shot? Yes, I did get the new and improved orgasms, but I also learned something equally if not more valuable and that is the power of relaxation and the importance of taking time away from the day to day grind and making time for yourself. I learned how important it is to RELAX!

Thanks so much for reading.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Wright

Owner, Founder and Practicing Physician

The Wright Center for Women’s Health


PS: If you would like to learn more about the O-shot, I did make a video explaining more about it. Click here to view more information on O-shot, call 630-687-9595 or Request an appointment.

Injecting Blood Into Vaginas?

Hello Wright Center Followers

I know it sounds strange, but let me tell you, it works! If you have any issues at all with a leaky bladder, decreased libido, or you just want to improve your sexual function and relationships consider the O-shot.

Click here to see yet another article making women aware that there are other options available.

Here at The Wright Center we offer the O-shot procedure. Click here to learn more about o-shot , request an appointment or call 630-687-9595

Hope all is well,

Best regards,

Dr. Wright and The Wright Center Team

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Want to spice up your Valentine’s Day? Consider getting the O-shot and give yourself and your Honey a blast! Here’s an article where this Journalist undergoes O-shot to test whether it really improves women’s orgasms.

Click Here to learn more about O-shot!

Okay, so everyone doesn’t get mind-blowing orgasms. However, here at The Wright Center we have had great results with the O-shot with at least 90% of our clients having some form of improvement.

We want you to be happy, so if you schedule your O-shot during the month of February and you are not fully satisfied with the results, Dr. Wright will perform a complimentary repeat O-shot within four months of your first injection.

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