The O-shot is Absolutely Amazing!

Last week our Ultrasonographer told us about her O-shot experience, read on to see what our Practice Manager has to say..

I received the O-shot procedure in April. I have to say I was a bit nervous to get the shots; being uncomfortable and it hurting. I was surprised at how comfortable everyone made me feel. It did not hurt one bit. For me I was interested because I had no sexual desire, rarely was able to orgasm and I had urinary incontinence. I could not jump up and down or run around with the kids without leaking. My results…  AMAZING! I don’t leak anymore and can actually jump on the trampoline with my girls. My sexual desire and orgasms are very intense. I experienced no side effects. I absolutely LOVE it. I recommend everyone who is a candidate to have this procedure.

Yours Truly,

Practice Manager at The Wright Center for Women’s Health


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