Are you a growth-minded leader who thinks like an owner and has a calling for helping people?
Do you make things happen, show respect to everyone you work with, and anticipate needs and
issues before they present themselves? At The Wright Center for Women’s Health, we put the care
and satisfaction of our patients above all else. If you share our high standards for patient care,
strive to exceed customer expectations, and have a passion for leading others, this position may be
perfect for you.

Our ideal Integrator / Director of Operations is:
• A natural born leader. You’re a smart and resourceful leader of leaders, who is direct
and tactfully assertive. You delegate, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and hold yourself
and others accountable.
• A grinder. You’re a hard worker who is “all in”, willing to get into the day to day in order
to get a full understanding of the operations, and is able to delegate when necessary.
You’re a doer with extreme attention to detail who is not afraid to take the initiative.
• Confident. You’re self-motivated and know your worth. You strike a balance between
being humble and hands-on while facing confrontation when necessary. You understand
that success is achieved by developing relationships and working collaboratively.
• A problem solver. You’re an innovator who thinks outside the box. Balanced and
resourceful, you can see around corners, get to the root of problems, and develop a
process to solve them. You’re a logical thinker who does not let feelings or emotions
dictate your decisions.
• A strong communicator. You’re open-minded and can talk to anyone. You adjust your
communication style to different individuals to maximize effectiveness and earn trust with
the team.

Our culture values comfort, luxury, and a high-quality patient experience. We are seeking a
compassionate and organized leader to streamline efficiencies and oversee operations. Our ideal
candidate is a superstar who possesses next-level thought processes and is internally driven. Being
willing and excited to spend time strategizing with the Visionary during regular same-page
meetings is paramount.

For more information on the director of operations position, view our PDF and follow the instructions to apply online.

Director of Operations PDF




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