How Does COVID-19 Affect Pregnant Women and New Moms?

Our Women’s Health Nurse Practioner, Emilie, recently reviewed the recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and Center for Disease Control regarding COVID-19 and pregnancy. She recently took the time to sit down and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard. 

By now, we know COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by Coronavirus, with symptoms appearing as shortness of breath, fever, and a cough. There are some stomach problems that can appear, but the main symptoms are shortness of breath, fever, and cough.

One of the questions we’ve heard a lot is “Do pregnant women have a higher risk of becoming infected with COVID-19?” The CDC and ACOG say that pregnant women don’t have a more severe chance than the general public to contract COVID-19, but there’s still a lot of research that still needs to be done.

ACOG, the CDC and the Wright Center for Women’s Health all recommend pregnant patients take the same standard precautions as others, such as: 

  • Washing their hands
  • Wearing a cloth mask when out in public
  • Staying home as much as possible
  • Staying away from sick individuals
  • Taking prenatal vitamins

Can COVID Affect a Fetus? 

There is nothing to suggest that COVID-19 can be vertically transferred to the baby when they’re still in the womb. There have been some pre-term births associated with moms who tested positive for COVID-19, but it’s not likely that COVID has been transferred to the baby during pregnancy. 

Will COVID-19 Affect My Prenatal Care & Postpartum Visits?

Depending on where you get prenatal care, the care may differ. However, The Wright Center For Women’s health is still open for essential visits and prenatal care. We are offering telehealth visits for patients, so they don’t even have to leave their homes. We suggest contacting your healthcare provider and ensuring their plans for prenatal care and postpartum visits. 

Will This Affect The Labor & Delivery Policy? 

The labor and delivery policy will vary depending on where you’re planning to give birth. At The Wright Center For Women’s Health, we suggest reaching out to your desired facility as close to the due date as possible for the latest information as far as the visitor policy goes. The policies are everchanging during this time, so it’s important to reach out to them as soon as you can before your baby arrives so you have the latest information.

I Think I Have COVID-19 & I’m Pregnant…What Do I Do? 

If you believe you have COVID-19 or Coronavirus, call your healthcare provider, or call us as soon as possible. Our center offers telehealth visits and we can triage you before you come in. Our team will have everything set up for you before you arrive, have a test ready for you, and we can help you out.

However, if you have an emergency, difficulty breathing, or shortness of breath,  please call 9-1-1 and seek help right away. 

Should I Change My Labor & Delivery Plans? 

The labor and delivery policies at hospitals are constantly changing. We suggest reaching out to the desired facility about their labor and delivery rules. As of right now, there is no consensus about which method of delivery – vaginal or cesarean section is safest for women who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, we suggest sticking to your desired birth plan to welcome your little one. 

Is A Home Birth Safer For My Baby & I?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists don’t recommend having a home birth, simply because there are always additional risks to labor and delivery that can be unexpected. It would be best and we really recommend you deliver your new baby in a hospital. 

Can I Still Breastfeed My Baby? 

As of right now, nothing suggests that COVID-19 is affecting breast milk. It is still important, now more than ever to breastfeed new babies, because it provides them with so many antibodies to help them fight infections.

How Can I Avoid Passing COVID-19 To My Newborn?

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are symptomatic but haven’t been diagnosed yet and have a new little one, it’s important to take the same precautions as anyone else would, but strengthen them a bit. 

  • Wash your hands every chance you get
  • Wear a mask while breastfeeding
  • Make sure the baby isn’t exposed to anyone else
  • Wash your hands before and after touching your breast pump
  • Stay clean as much as possible 

What If I Have Other Questions? 

We hope this answered your questions, but if you have any more questions, we encourage you to reach out to us, your healthcare provider or your hospital. The Wright Center For Women’s Health is still open for essential visits, including prenatal visits and telehealth visits. 

Please let us know if you would like to speak to one of our healthcare professionals or schedule a visit with us. Follow us on social media and check out our blog for more information on the Coronavirus, our services, and how we’re staying safe. Stay safe and well!

BioTE Hormone Therapy, the Coronavirus Pandemic and You

If you’re a guest of The Wright Center for Women’s health, chances are you’ve heard us talking about BioTe® Therapy hormone optimization. 

BioTE is designed to deliver biologically identical hormones in the exact and proper amounts determined by our accurate testing and expert analysis of the results. According to patients of this groundbreaking hormone therapy, benefits can include:

  • Boosting immune system health
  • Protecting against respiratory illness
  • Rediscovering mental focus and clarity
  • Protecting against heart disease and stroke
  • Relieving of menopausal and PMS symptoms
  • Preventing osteoporosis, senility and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improving cholesterol levels, muscle mass and strength

BioTE and Coronavirus

As we continue to navigate our way through the current Coronavirus pandemic we believe BioTE® Therapy to be more important than ever. Why? Because many of the BioTE products contain immune system enhancements such as testosterone and thyroid optimizers — both of which aid the body in creating a healthy immune system. 

Further, BioTE nutraceuticals also contain Vitamins A and D and Zinc, which can help the body defend against respiratory illness.  

BioTE is administered to our patients in a pellet delivery process, which requires office visits for safe and effective injection directly into the bloodstream. For those concerned about whether these treatments are considered an essential service during the pandemic we believe they are and we will continue to see our BioTE patients during this time.

We are also accepting new BioTE patients and may conduct telehealth visits for initial consultations and before comprehensive blood work analysis is ordered.

If you are a current BioTE patient please know The Wright Center is taking all precautionary steps to keep you safe during your visits, including recommended social distancing guidelines, pre-health screenings for patients before they enter the building and staff members fitted with all necessary personal protective equipment. Read more about our safety precautions here

For patients who wish to know more about BioTE Therapy hormone optimization and how it can improve your overall health and well-being, please call our office at 630-687-9595 or complete our online contact form and someone will contact you shortly. 

Multi-Strain Probiotic

Multi-Strain Probiotic helps replenish and support healthy bacteria in your microbiome. The microbiome plays a vital role in the recycling and metabolizing of hormones, including thyroid hormones and estrogen. It contains 20 billion active cultures per capsule and supports the digestive tract and immune function of individuals under stress.

Click here or call our office today to schedule an appointment or telehealth visit with one of our providers to see if this supplement could benefit you!


DIM SGS+ contains extracts from broccoli and pomegranate that provide support for the healthy utilization of estrogen in both men and women. Too much estrogen can cause significant damage to our bodies. Studies have shown that people with high levels of estrogen have a higher risk of increased weight gain, bloating, water retention, or worse.
DIM is short for diindolylmethane. This compound is derived from cruciferous vegetables and helps promote hormone balance. When taken daily, BioTE DIM SGS+ can support weight management and breast, uterine, cervical, and prostate health. It is an ideal combination of diindolylmethane (DIM), sulforaphane (SGS), and pomegranate extract. These ingredients stimulate efficient metabolism for estrogen, meaning they help regulate the ratio of healthy to less healthy estrogen. A healthy estrogen metabolism may protect estrogensensitive issue and support detoxification and neutralization of harmful estrogen metabolites.
Click here or call our office today to schedule an appointment or telehealth visit with one of our providers to see if this supplement could benefit you!

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

As you might imagine, our office has been getting a lot of questions about the current COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them are being directed to our Front Desk staff and a member of that team, Amanda (pictured above on the left), has taken the time to answer some of them in this blog.

The questions range from simple ones to some that are a little more complicated. So, over the next week or so we’re going to answer the ones that have come up the most often to help our guests feel safe and secure. 

1. Are you keeping normal hours?

Yes. View our regular office hours here.

2. What measures are you taking for guest and employee safety?

We are taking numerous steps to ensure the safety of not only our guests but of our entire staff. These include: 

  • Now offering telehealth services to our guests. Click here to discover more.
  • Practicing social distancing to the best of our ability while still servicing those in need.
  • Limiting the number of staff that we have in the office at any one time.
  • Rotating paid time off to help limit the number of people in the office.
  • Team members who are able to work from home are doing so.
  • We have suspended most, if not all in-person gatherings and are meeting virtually when possible.
  • Anyone with possible exposure to or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are being told to not come to the office and call to let us know.
  • Outfitting ourselves with appropriate personal protective equipment 
  • Taking guest temperature with a laser thermometer outside our front door and conducting quick pre-health screenings before entry into the office.
  • Extra vigilance with cleaning after each guest, paying extra attention to high touch areas such as doors, doorknobs, countertops and faucet handles.

3. Have members of the staff been tested for COVID-19?

The number of COVID-19 tests that we have have been limited. Currently, only Dr. Wright and Amanda have been tested. Dr. Wright recently traveled to a conference with international physicians and she tested negative upon her return. Amanda’s husband was placed on self-quarantine until his test results returned as someone at his job tested positive. Both Amanda and her husband tested negative. 

4. Are many guests canceling appointments or moving them to later dates?

We are actually encouraging telehealth visits with our providers as we prefer to stay on top of our guest’s conditions and health. 

5. Has anyone in the office tested positive?

Fortunately No. None of our team or any of the guests we have tested have tested positive.

Please reach out to us at 630-687-9595 or complete our contact form if you any further questions. We are eager and grateful to be able to work together with you to provide a safe environment for all, and we’ll be posting for questions and answers later this week. So, be on the look-out! 

On behalf of the entire team at The Wright Center for Women’s Health, we wish you and your family good health and continued well-being.

Stay safe

The Wright Center Team


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Multi-Strain Probiotics
ADK 5 & 10
Methyl Factors+
Arterosil HP
Omega 3 + CoQ10
Each week we will be posting about one of these unique supplements! If you are interested in purchasing any of these click here or call the office today. We can also mail them to you!

How We’ll Keep You Updated During the COVID-19 Pandemic

To Our Guests,

Thank you for your patience while we navigate through the necessary changes that have been forced upon us from the current pandemic caused by COVID-19.

From Day 1 my email has been inundated with emails from dozens of emails from businesses telling me how they’re handling COVID-19. Our affiliated hospitals send daily, and often multiple times a day, updates on what they are doing. This made me think that this is something we should be doing, as well.

Our guests need to know more, but we just didn’t have the manpower. Now, this particular post isn’t really telling you about how we’re dealing with it but how we plan to get you the info (scroll down to previous posts to see what we’re doing). NO, this is the story of how we plan to be better and more consistent at getting this information to you.

So for the past few days, Chas and I have investigated and interviewed well over a dozen different marketing firms who could help us with this endeavor. The selection ran the gamut from a one-person operation operating out of his studio apartment (literally we could see his entire apartment, bed, bathroom and all on the zoom call) to highly sophisticated large corporations who had teams in 38 states.

The firm we chose is called Idea Marketing Group, which is located in nearby Yorkville. They had 3 of their team members join us for an online meeting. Their Marketing Director Bill Skowronski seemed to be running the show. He asked what we were looking for and in my true long-winded form, I tried to list all the many things that we do and how we’re fighting COVID, how this practice got started, my life story, blah blah blah.

Then he had to pin me down. So, he asked, If you had to boil it down to one thing that sets you apart that is the main thing you do, what would that be? What a great question. I think the same thing popped into both Chas and my head at the same time. This time Chas took the lead.

Chas said, “Personalized Luxury Healthcare.” I nodded emphatically thinking yep EXACTLY! Chas went on to tell a story about how he had just left a room of a pregnant woman and her husband who had called several offices and due to the coronavirus pandemic, no one would let her husband come into the visit with her. They had called many offices.

The husband was a physician and moving away to New York for residency soon. They really had no risk factors and he wanted to see the baby. We are limiting the number of guests in our office, limiting schedules and working with a skeleton crew, but we realized that we must look at each guest and situation individually. So, because the husband was leaving town and wanted to see the baby we secured all the appropriate PPE and our team made it happen.

This is where Bill got me. He revealed that he and his wife had a two-week old baby at home and he can really relate to that. After they went through infertility and tried for years, he now has to sit in the car while his wife and baby visit the doctor at a time when he wants to be them, and I’m sure they with him. He appreciated that we saw the need and adjusted accordingly.

No overly done graphs, no pre-done slide presentation, no market analysis and one size fit all packages. Just the ability to relate. I knew this was a good fit.

So, there you go. We have started this relationship with a group that’s like us. I’m proud of our search and our find. A group that is not a volume-based business. They know it’s about quality. They heard us when we said we need our guests to know what we’re doing to keep them and our team safe. This is how we plan to keep you all in the know. Thanks for reading.


Dr. Wright, The Wright Center Team, including Idea Marketing Group

NT Certification by NTQR Program

 The Wright Center for Women’s Health aspires to provide the best possible obstetrical care to its guests. Ambereen, one of our experienced Sonographers, got her NT certification in February 2020 by NTQR program which the only epidemiologic quality monitoring program based in the US!

COVID-19 Updates

The Wright Center for Women’s Health remains open as we closely monitor the detection and spread of Coronavirus-19. There is no need to cancel your appointment unless you are sick with fever, cough, or having trouble breathing. If you are sick with these symptoms, please do not come to the office and call us to let us know at (630) 687-9595. If you have reason to think you might have been exposed to Coronavirus, do not come to the office – please contact us at (630) 687-9595. Please click here for more information.

The Wright Center OBGYN