Vision Building Day 3

The Wright Center’s leadership team consisting of Darchell Darby PA-C, Katelyn Mais our Sonographer and Process documentation specialist, Chas Manning our Integrator/Operations leader/Practice Manager/etc., and Dr. Wright spent the day together working on the practice and got the following note from our EOS implementer Dean,

“Thanks Dr. Wright for a hard worked strategic VB III.  Even in the rain you kept working Wednesday night and Thursday we went straight through the day with 3 five minute breaks and worked through lunch.  It was a hard work-full day and lots of open dialogue.  I want to “thank you” and the team for allowing me to serve you again!  I appreciate you✨ have a great weekend!!”

Leadership Team Strategy Session

Sun, rain, sleet or snow The Wright Center is hard at work to bring you the best care. Last night out on the patio Darchell, Katie, Chas and Dr. Wright met. It started raining but they didn’t let that stop their strategy session.

Birdies for Babies

Join us at our sponsored event this Monday in Geneva, IL. All proceeds from the outing will go to families that have to pay out of pocket for fertility treatments that can range up to $20,000.00 per attempt. Click here to learn more!

OB/GYN Ultrasound Symposium

It was an excellent continued medical education program for Physicians, Sonographers, Physician Assistants, and Genetic Counselors. There were speakers from all over USA, Canada and Europe who are the national and international leaders in obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound. It included International Ovarian Tumor Analysis Course and was a great learning experience from the field specialists. This refresher course will definitely help us in providing the best comprehensive health care to our clients at The Wright Center for Women’s Health.

Age Healthier and Live Happier!

When your hormones are in balance, it’s like a choir singing in perfect harmony. It just grooves. That’s when your body is capable of performing at its best, keeping you healthy, vibrant and energetic. Click here to learn more about our hormone replacement therapy.