Make Valentine’s Day Special With Our Help!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and couples are looking for ways to spice it up in the bedroom. The Wright Center For Women’s Health has some tips you can follow to make preparation for the holiday of love easier.


The O-Shot is one of our most requested procedures. This female sexual enhancement is great for women who are experiencing low libido or poor sexual satisfaction, and they’re looking to spark up their sex life. The O-Shot is a simple blood draw, using Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, and growth factors from your blood, which is then injected near the clitoris and vagina. Learn more about the O-Shot and if it’s the procedure for you here.

Vampire Wing Lift

The Vampire Wing Lift is great for our guests who may be older in their years and wanting to experience a rejuvenated sex life. Similar to the Vampire Breast Lift and Facial, the Wing Lift is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on the labia(wings) and “lifts” them back to the natural shape and look from a woman’s younger years. While this procedure isn’t for everyone, candidates for this elective surgery are usually middle-aged to older women, pre or post-menopause who wish to revitalize the look of their labia. Learn more about the Vampire Wing Lift and why it might be for you here.


Before Valentine’s Day is here, make sure you have the contraception and protection you need. If you’re trying to conceive, obviously you won’t be needing protection, however, that’s not the goal of many on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re taking Birth Control Pills or the patch, using an IUD or a ring, it’s important to make sure it’s checked and ready to go right before the big day! The Wright Center For Women’s Health can help you decide which form of contraception is right for you if you’re not already using some and we can help ensure it’s being used properly.

STD/STI Testing

If you’ve recently started seeing your partner, it’s important to make sure you’ve both been tested for any STDs or STIs. It’s important to talk with your significant other to find out if they’ve been in any relationships where they might have contracted a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Condoms are always encouraged to reduce the risk of STD transmission.

At The Wright Center, we recommend having an STD screening done if you have a new sexual partner, you’re having unprotected sex, engaging in high-risk behavior with multiple partners, or experiencing symptoms. If an STD or STI has been detected, we’ll take the proper treatment route at The Wright Center, and help you navigate your sex life better.

Make Sure You’re on the Same Page

Last but not least, before you engage in any Valentine’s Day activities, it’s best to make sure your partner and you are on the same page. Whether you’re using accessories, like toys and lingerie in the bedroom to keeping it casual and seeing where the night takes you, it’s important to make sure everyone has the same expectations and you know each other’s limits. The Wright Center For Women’s Health can help you prepare for Valentine’s Day! Schedule your appointment today!

Holiday Gift Exchange!

The holiday season may be over, but our Wright Center team exchanged gifts with each other today. It was so much fun, and it’s always a great time getting together with the whole team. Check out some of the pictures above!

Exceptional Staff Member of the Month!

Ron is our Exceptional Staff Member of the Month due to his hard work and dedication to our office. He keeps our office spectacular looking with his cleanliness standards. We are so lucky to have him(and his son Brandon who helps) at The Wright Center for Women’s Health.

Our exceptional staff member has also chosen to donate $1,300 to “The Love Fridge” in Chicago, a mutual aid network.

Happy Holidays!

First and foremost, The Wright Center for Women’s Health would like to extend our gratitude and best wishes to you this holiday season.

We will be closed on Thursday, December 24th, Friday, December 25th, and Friday, January, 1st.

Our office is open on Saturday, December 26th, and Thursday, December 31st from 9 AM to 2 PM for our guests.

Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our providers! Once again, happy holidays from The Wright Center family to yours!

Start 2021 Off The Wright Way – With a CHA Exam!

The new year is almost here, start it knowing you’re healthy with the help of The Wright Center For Women’s Health. With a yearly examination and our Complete Health Assessment, you can be sure you’re 100% healthy.

Our Complete Health Assessment(CHA) is very thorough, with blood work, an ANS and Max Pulse Test, Diagnostic Ultrasounds done, and more. You’ll also meet with our providers to discuss your test results, any problems or concerns you may have, treatment options, and more.

What is Included in My Lab Work?

The first part of your Complete Health Assessment will include your routine blood work. Once the tests are sent to the lab, we’ll also check your hormones as well. Aside from the usual tests we run, you can request any additional tests at the time of scheduling your appointment. The blood tests you’ll be receiving are:

  • CBC
  • CMP
  • Lipid Panel
  • Vitamin D
  • TSH
  • Free T3
  • Total T4
  • TPO
  • Testosterone
  • Estradiol
  • FSH
  • Vitamin B12
  • LH
  • Hemoglobin a1C
  • Urine Culture

You’ll receive the results of your lab work in a meeting with your provider 3-7 days after your CHA.

ANS & Max Pulse Test

Another component of the CHA exam is an Autonomic Nervous System or ANS test. This test will evaluate your nervous system which controls your involuntary bodily functions including, appetite, mood, blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, bladder function, sexual function, and more. Any damage to the Autonomic Nervous System can cause problems to the previously listed functions, and ultimately cause problems for the rest of your body.

In addition to the Autonomic Nervous System test, we’ll also be testing the Endothelial Function to ensure there are no damages to the endothelial lining or Endothelial Dysfunction to make sure you’re not at risk for diabetes, strokes, or heart disease.

When we perform an ANS and Endothelial Function Test, we’re essentially looking for any of the following risk factors:

  • Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction: Involuntary functions
  • Sudomotor Dysfunction: Sweat Gland function
  • Endothelial Dysfunction: Risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Insulin Resistance: Risk of developing diabetes
  • Cardiometabolic Risk: Risk of heart disease and metabolic disorders such as metabolic syndrome
  • Small Fiber Neuropathy: Can start as numbness and tingling in the hand and feet
  • Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy: The nerves that innervate the heart
  • Cardiovascular disease via plethysmography: Combined total of the other risk factors

The ANS test and Endothelial Function Test is designed to help prevent any issues your body may be having or could have in the future. By having these tests done yearly, you could be saving yourself a lot of time and prevent health issues in the future.

Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Before your appointment begins, we’ll perform both external and internal ultrasounds to rule out any abnormalities, including Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Polyps, etc. These ultrasounds will give us (and you) a better understanding of what’s going on with your body and what we need to watch out for. We do recommend drinking at least 32 ounces of water 1 hour before your ultrasound. The Sonographer will be able to view the pelvic organs better when you have a full bladder. Remember to drink the water slowly to prevent discomfort in your abdomen.

What Should I Do To Prepare for My CHA?

We know you’re probably wondering if there is anything you need to do or know before your CHA exam, and the answer is yes, please prepare yourself ahead of time.

Before your appointment, please make sure you have notified us if you would like any other blood tests done, so our Phlebotomist can be prepared. Also, please make sure you have a mask for your appointment, and if you’re sick or starting to feel sick please reschedule your appointment. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy.

After your CHA is completed, we will sit down with you to review your results, identify any red flags, and tailor a treatment plan custom to your needs. We cannot stress enough how important it is to schedule your yearly Complete Health Assessment and any other routine exams you may need. Schedule your CHA to start the new year off with great test results and a healthy outlook.

Meet Our New Provider Partner, Kasey!

Kasey is a new Physician Assistant graduate who will be joining us as a provider partner. She received her degree from Marquette University. In her free time, she enjoys visiting new restaurants, spending time with family and friends, and playing with her new Aussiedoodle puppy. She is eager to start her career and contribute to the enthusiastic environment at The Wright Center! 

Do You Know Your Family Health History?

November — a month that’s all about family!

But for us at The Wright Center, the celebration of family is also about your health. November is national Family Health History Month and a time to take stock in what you need to learn about the health of your family members and how that may impact you as you age.

This is why we’re excited to announce that coming soon The Wright Center will provide genetic testing. Assessing your genetic risks and understanding their implications can help you make informed medical management decisions and lifestyle choices.

More importantly, genetic testing is the best way to assess your future risk of many forms of hereditary cancer. The information from genetic testing can help you develop a cancer prevention plan, prevent secondary cancers, help us determine which treatment options are best and provide life-saving knowledge for you and family members.

We will begin completing genetic testing in December, but appointments may be made now to get you on the path to a clearer medical future. Click here to make your appointment!

Meet Our New Registered Nurse Angelica!

Angelica is a new member of our clinical support team! Her nursing career has focused mostly in the area of perioperative procedures at Edward Hospital as well as a medical/surgical unit at Morris Hospital. She also held a director of nursing position in an assisted living facility. Outside of work, she keeps busy with three amazing teenagers. She also enjoys taking her dog for a walk, reading as much as possible, and listening to music preferably outdoors.  In her short time with us, she was already selected as October’s Exceptional Staff Member due to her incredible value to our organization. Welcome, Angelica!

 Call us at (630) 687-9595

COVID-19 Updates

The Wright Center for Women’s Health remains open as we closely monitor the detection and spread of Coronavirus-19. There is no need to cancel your appointment unless you are sick with fever, cough, or having trouble breathing. If you are sick with these symptoms, please do not come to the office and call us to let us know at (630) 687-9595. If you have reason to think you might have been exposed to Coronavirus, do not come to the office – please contact us at (630) 687-9595. Please click here for more information.

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