Dana Being Dana Pilot Party!

Dr. Wright faced her fears of public speaking and said a few words promoting her friend’s new NCTV talk show Dana Being Dana. The Wright Center is proud to be a major sponsor of this exciting and hilarious show. Here she is with Dana herself and NCTV’s Executive Director.

Aesthetic Exchange event in Chicago

Dr. Wright is attending the Aesthetic Exchange event in Chicago this weekend, an exclusive two day event given by Cynosure. She is constantly learning about new modalities to offer you the most well rounded and personalized experience in Women’s Healthcare.

Trivia Thursday #4: Answer

Last weeks question was:
What is one advantage of getting the Vampire Breast Lift?
– Increases volume of fatty tissue
– Rejuvenates look
– Plumps up the breasts to make them look fuller…
-I mproves thickness of the skin on older women (to lift the breasts and make it firm)
– Improves the texture
– Changes the tone of the breast
– Younger-appearing skin
– Slight lift (if injected in the lower portions of the breasts